Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

At our Santa Rosa and San Franciso offices we offer BOTOX® injections. BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin A) has been safely used by ophthalmologists for the past 20 years to treat patients with certain medical conditions such as eye spasms, central nervous system disorders, and excessive muscle contractions. More recently, surgeons have been using BOTOX® injections to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, nasal crunch lines, and horizontal creases in the forehead. The overall effect of BOTOX® is a relaxed, smooth appearance resulting in a patient that looks “much happier” and “less angry.” BOTOX® can reduce or eliminate wrinkles without surgery. It is a unique treatment because unlike other nonsurgical wrinkle treatments, such as chemical/laser peels and collagen injections, BOTOX®corrects underlying muscle instead of the skin surface or subsurface. In many ways, BOTOX® may be the ideal cosmetic procedure because it produces dramatic results, has few side effects, and is reversible. For patients that are not candidates for cosmetic surgery, BOTOX® may provide the solution for their quest for a more youthful appearance.


Before Surgery


After Surgery

Before Surgery

Who is not a good candidate for the procedure?

BOTOX® is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or nursing. It is also not recommended for patients who have a neurological disease or are concurrently taking aminoglycoside antibiotics.

What are other indications for BOTOX®?

Most experts agree that BOTOX® is most effective in the upper third of the face (eyes and forehead), but with care, other areas of the face and neck can be treated as well. BOTOX® has also been shown to be useful for the treatment of hyperhydrosis (sweating) of the hands and armpits. A small amount can significantly reduce perspiration from these areas for several months.

What are the side effects of BOTOX® injections?

There are no serious side effects associated with this treatment. The most common side effect is temporary soreness or bruising at the injection site. Eyebrow droop or eyelid droop, known as ptosis, is another side effect that can occur when BOTOX® is used around the forehead. This is a temporary condition that occurs in approximately 2–5 percent of patients and may last two to four weeks. A rather welcome side effect for some patients is the disappearance of tension and migraine headaches.

How much does BOTOX® cost?

The cost of the treatment depends on how much BOTOX® is injected. This is customized by the surgeon for each individual.


Is the treatment painful?

Because an extremely fine needle is used, the BOTOX® injection is quick and not particularly painful. After treatment, patients may immediately resume normal activities, though it is recommended that patients not lie down for three to four hours following treatment.

How does BOTOX® work?

BOTOX® injections work by binding to nerve endings and preventing the release of chemical transmitters that activate muscles. Botulinum toxin therapy is used to weaken the small muscles of the face that cause frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles. While BOTOX® affects the ability of the muscle to move, it does not impair sensory perception.

How long is the treatment?

The procedure takes five to 15 minutes, with no downtime.

Who performs the treatment?

All treatments are performed by board-certified surgeons who have developed strict parameters to maximize treatment effectiveness and minimize side effects.

After Surgery

How long does the BOTOX® last?

Treatment may last four to five months. When the toxin begins to wear off, the wrinkles begin to reappear; however, they are frequently not as deep as the original ones. Clinical studies suggest that after several rounds of treatment, the patient may require BOTOX® injections less often.

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