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What to Avoid After SMILE Eye Surgery

woman sitting crosslegged on gray couch with mug in her hand after SMILE eye surgery

What to Expect After SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Are you scheduled to have SMILE eye surgery in the near future? Congratulations! SMILE is one of the safest and most advanced elective eye surgeries available for those suffering from myopia or astigmatism. After the short laser procedure, it is likely you will be free of glasses...

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What to Know About Intraocular Lenses for Cataract Surgery

intraocular lens isolated on blue background

Following the removal of the eye’s clouded natural crystalline lens during cataract surgery, an artificial lens known as an intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted in its place. An IOL is a meticulously crafted lens that permanently replaces the removed natural lens, restoring clear vision to the patient who receives it. Perfectly transparent, the IOL will...

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Treating Astigmatism with SMILE Eye Surgery

diagnosis form with astigmatism written on it, glasses resting on top

Can SMILE Eye Surgery Correct Astigmatism? Astigmatism is one of the most common vision problems that individuals in the United States suffer from. In fact, it has been estimated that over three million Americans are affected by the condition. Individuals with astigmatism experience blurry or distorted vision, both near and far. This can make day-to-day...

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How Much Does SMILE Eye Surgery Cost?

eye doctor looking into Zeiss VisuMax laser while performing SMILE eye surgery on patient

Is SMILE Eye Surgery Worth the Cost? If you are considering corrective eye surgery to improve your vision problems, you might have heard about SMILE eye surgery. SMILE is the most cutting-edge laser procedure available for conditions like myopia (near-sightedness). Not only will your vision improve, you will save the thousands of dollars you spend...

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Get the Most Out of Summer with LASIK

group of people splashing in the water at the beach

Here Are The Best Reasons You Should Get LASIK Just in Time for Summer Are you ready for summer? With the days getting warmer and longer, it won’t be long before summer is in full swing. For many of us, that means plenty of fun in the sun whether at the beach, a ballgame, or...

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Why You Need to Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Examination

female patient having vision checked during comprehensive eye examination

“I can see just fine, I don’t need to visit an eye doctor.” A commonly held assumption is that if you can see clearly now, why would you need to have your vision checked by an ophthalmologist? Good vision is important, yes, but a comprehensive eye examination is so much more than a quick test...

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What to Expect After LASIK Surgery

Close up of femail eye

What Patients Can Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery Extremely safe and incredibly popular, LASIK is a brief surgical procedure that can significantly improve your eyesight. At LaserVue Eye Center, the patient experience is one of our top priorities. Using the latest LASIK technology, we deliver to you the best possible vision without compromise. One of...

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Take the Stress Out of Your LASIK Procedure

Lasik surgeon explaining lasik procedure to patient.

LASIK is among the safest and most successful surgical procedures performed in the United States. Even though the above statement is true, countless potential LASIK patients let fear and anxiety prevent them from achieving their best vision. If you have had a comprehensive eye examination, a treatment consultation, and have been identified as a candidate...

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ReLEx SMILE is Now Approved for Astigmatism

Close up of eye on blue background

FDA Stamp of Approval ReLEX SMILE surgery, the most significant advance in laser eye surgery in the last 10 years, is now FDA-approved for patients with astigmatism. Prior to this approval, only about 20% of potential patients were candidates for SMILE vision correction. That number increases up to 70% now that the ReLEx SMILE procedure...

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What to Expect After Cataract Surgery

Close up of eye. Concept of clear vision after surgery.

What Patients Can Expect After Cataract Surgery Cataract surgery is a commonplace outpatient procedure performed frequently in California and throughout the United States. Typically taking less than an hour to complete, this short yet life-changing treatment restores clear vision to millions of Americans each year. A successful surgical outcome depends largely on your ophthalmologist’s expertise,...

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Ways to Mitigate Cataract Surgery Stress

Physician comforting patient before treatment.

You’ve been informed that the cause of your vision trouble is due to a cataract. You’ve experienced a comprehensive eye exam, a consultation on treatments, and your cataract surgery has been scheduled. For many, instead of feeling solace, the idea of surgery brings about anxiety and stress. It is completely normal to have feelings of...

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LipiFlow Advanced Treatment for Dry Eyes

Physician holding small chalk board that reads "dry eyes".

New Treatment for Sufferers of Dry Eye LaserVue Eye Center is glad to announce the availability of a new procedure for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic condition that results in dry, scratchy and generally uncomfortable sensations on the surface of the eyes. The root...

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Ways To Minimize Cataract Development

pair of eye glasses on a piece of paper that reads "cataract"

5 Tips to Minimize Cataract Progression Cataracts happen to be the most common cause of vision loss in aging Americans. Cataract removal also happens to be among the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. While it appears that there is no sure way to avoid cataract development, smart lifestyle changes can help...

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Why We Love Mountain View

Castro Street, downtown Mountain View, California

(And Are Proud to Service the LASIK Needs of its Residents) For over two decades, Dr. Jay Bansal has been performing laser eye surgery in the San Jose Area out of LaserVue’s Mountain View location. Just as the city of Moutain View prides itself on its commitment to strong neighborhoods and values, so too does...

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SMILE and LASIK What’s the Difference?

Close-up of blue eye

How is SMILE different from LASIK The technology surrounding laser vision correction surgery has made great strides in the past years and continues to move forward at an advanced pace. Many people the world over have experienced the life-changing effects of these procedures. Recently, a new milestone has been reached. The medical technology business group,...

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