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Advancements in cataract eye surgery have been revolutionary over the past decade with the introduction of lasers. LaserVue Eye Center is proud to be the first practice in the Bay Area to offer the Blade-Free LENSAR® Femtosecond Laser system. Using the LENSAR® Laser system, we believe our laser cataract procedures are more precise and offer better results than less advanced systems. Learn more about laser cataract surgery at LaserVue in Santa Rosa!

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How It Works

Cataract surgery has always been a highly effective procedure. With laser cataract surgery, the procedure is safer, more precise, and easier for our patients than ever before. LaserVue’s computer-guided laser system makes the incisions and breaks apart the cataract with an astounding level of predictability.

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    Safer & More Advanced

    The computer-guided laser system completes difficult tasks quicker and safer.

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    Increased safety and peace of mind.

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    Precise & Predictable

    Laser cataract surgery is more precise, reproducible, and predictable.

Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Technology is Making Outcomes More Precise and Predictable.

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What You Need To Know

Medical History

Medications, allergies, prior eye disease, and prior surgeries are all considerations for candidacy.

Eye Examination

We’ll perform a thorough eye exam to ensure that cataract surgery is your best option right now.

Cataract Severity

It may be best to wait on cataract surgery until your visual symptoms impact your everyday life.

Doctor Consultation

The only way to know for sure if cataract surgery is right for you is an in-person doctor evaluation.

Leading Technology
Experienced Surgeons

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What To Expect


Schedule a Consultation

Meet with Dr. Jay Bansal to evaluate your eyes and determine if cataract surgery is right for you.


Surgery Day

Arrive and relax knowing you’re in good hands with Dr. Bansal and his surgical team.



Your vision will improve within days to weeks. Dr. Bansal will schedule a follow up appointment with you.

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Cataract Surgery FAQ

What are some causes of cataracts?

There are many known causes of cataracts including aging, diabetes, certain injuries to the eyes, certain congenital disorders, and some metabolic disorders.

How soon does vision improve after cataract eye surgery?

Distance vision will usually be very good within a few days to a week after surgery. Return of near vision may take longer and depends upon which lens was selected for the procedure. Some patients still require glasses or contact lenses with a mild prescription for optimal vision. Some patients achieve better vision improvement than others, but virtually all will see better with lens replacement than without. Implant surgery is intended to correct deficiencies in the eye’s lens, and will not help with vision problems related to other parts of the eye, such as floaters, flashes, or visual field loss. This information is general and not intended to apply completely and specifically to any individual patient.

Will I have to have cataract surgery again?

In cataract surgery, natural lenses are removed and replaced with artificial lenses, which are not subject to deterioration and should last a lifetime. Many patients experience subsequent clouding of the membrane that holds the lens, called the capsule. The normal treatment for this is a yag laser capsulotomy, in which a laser beam is used to create a hole through the membrane, allowing a clear path for light. It is a quick and painless procedure.

What is an advanced technology intraocular lens (IOL)?

The advanced technology IOL is a new, state-of-the-art type of intraocular lens that can provide a fuller range of vision, from near to distance, in most patients. The procedure for removing the natural lens and implanting the advanced technology IOL is the same one that’s been used for years in cataract surgery, but the result is a full range of vision, significantly reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses.

What happens if my eye is injured in the future?

The presence of an intraocular lens does not make the eye more susceptible to damage from trauma after appropriate healing. Most injuries affect the cornea—the clear front portion of the eye—or the retina—the light-sensing lining on the rear of the eye. If anything, the lens implant eliminates the chance of cataracts due to eye trauma.

Is advanced technology IOL implantation covered by insurance?

Most private insurance covers the cataract surgical procedure and the anesthesia, but rarely cover the additional cost of an advanced technology IOL, since it is considered elective. Patients should consult with both the doctor and the insurance carrier to determine their best alternatives.

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