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Introducing A Giant Leap Forward in Cataract Surgery

Dr. Jay Bansal, The only Sonoma County & Northbay surgeon to introduce laser cataract surgery. Blade-Free LENSAR® Femtosecond Laser Technology is Making Outcomes More Precise and Predictable.

Customized Precision with Laser Cataract Surgery

Blade-Free LENSAR® Femtosecond Laser Technology

Using the high resolution digital “real-time” imaging system, Dr. Bansal is able to provide a more predictable outcome to his patients vs traditional cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery has always been a highly effective procedure. With laser cataract surgery, the procedure is safer, more precise, and easier than ever before. LaserVue’s computer-guided laser system effortlessly makes incisions and breaks apart cataracts with an astounding level of predictability.

Offering a Better Experience

Laser Cataract Surgery vs. Traditional

If you choose Laser Cataract Surgery for your cataract procedure, know that you’re getting a giant leap forward in precision and predictability that far exceeds manual surgical methods. Laser Cataract Surgery helps Dr. Bansal make the necessary incisions and break apart the cataract faster and with more precision, which may allow for a more predictable surgical outcome for his patients.

LENSAR cataract machine

In traditional cataract removal, the surgeon uses a blade to make incisions on the eye and to access the bag that contains the cataract.

With the laser cataract surgery laser, instead of a manual blade, it utilizes a computer drive ultra precise femtosecond laser to perform some of the most challenging steps of the cataract surgery, while using minimal energy.

This allows for a more precise and gentler approach to cataract removal.

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