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How Much Does SMILE Eye Surgery Cost?

eye doctor looking into Zeiss VisuMax laser while performing SMILE eye surgery on patient

If you are considering corrective eye surgery to improve your vision problems, you might have heard about SMILE eye surgery. SMILE is the most cutting-edge laser procedure available for conditions like myopia (near-sightedness). Not only will your vision improve, you will save the thousands of dollars you spend on glasses or contact lenses throughout your...

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ReLEx SMILE is Now Approved for Astigmatism

Close up of eye on blue background

FDA Stamp of Approval ReLEX SMILE surgery, the most significant advance in laser eye surgery in the last 10 years, is now FDA-approved for patients with astigmatism. Prior to this approval, only about 20% of potential patients were candidates for SMILE vision correction. That number increases up to 70% now that the ReLEx SMILE procedure...

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Why We Love Mountain View

Castro Street, downtown Mountain View, California

For over two decades, Dr. Jay Bansal has been performing laser eye surgery in the San Jose Area out of LaserVue’s Mountain View location. Just as the city of Moutain View prides itself on its commitment to strong neighborhoods and values, so too does LaserVue Eye Center for getting to serve such a caring and...

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SMILE and LASIK What’s the Difference?

Close-up of blue eye

How is SMILE different from LASIK The technology surrounding laser vision correction surgery has made great strides in the past years and continues to move forward at an advanced pace. Many people the world over have experienced the life-changing effects of these procedures. Recently, a new milestone has been reached. The medical technology business group,...

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Contact Lens Risks

Contact Lens Risks

  When worn and cared for properly, contact lenses are a very safe option for vision correction. However, failing to use and care for your contacts as directed can lead to some frightening risks. Corneal Ulcers Few things sound scarier than an ulcer on your eye. A corneal ulcer is an open sore on the...

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SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Featured on NBC Nightly News

  Smile Laser Eye Surgery is the most significant advance in laser eye surgery technology in over 10 years. It is a minimally-invasive one-step surgery that allows you to live your life free of contacts and glasses. Dr. Bansal is proud to be the first doctor in Northern California to offer the Zeiss VisuMax Laser...

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SMILE, LASIK or PRK: Which is Best?

3 Generations of Laser Eye Surgery

  If you’re ready to live your life free from glasses and contacts, you’ve probably decided that laser eye surgery is the best option for you. Knowing which procedure is the best for you can be a bit more difficult. Those who have chosen laser eye surgery find themselves weighing the three best options: SMILE,...

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How to Use Eye Drops Properly After Laser Eye Surgery

How to Use Eye Drops Properly

Almost every laser eye surgery procedure at your local eye center will include aftercare with a prescription for medicated eye drops or ointments from your ophthalmologist. This is an essential part of the aftercare process and the instructions for use should not be overlooked. First, Your Doctor’s Staff Will Explain and Demonstrate Upon giving you...

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SMILE Laser Eye Surgery: Explained

The ReLEx SMILE procedure is the newest and most advanced form of refractive eye surgery.  First came PRK, then the LASIK revolution, now SMILE is set to revolutionize laser vision correction once more. Surface ablation surgery Subepithelial ablation Excimer laser treatment Extended visual recovery time Patient discomfort Flap surgery Stromal ablation Excimer laser treatment or...

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