Can Astigmatism Affect Night Vision?

traffic of cars at night, view from inside car, lights blurry and fuzzy

In this article, we outline exactly how astigmatism can affect your ability to see at night and possible treatment options that can greatly improve your quality of vision.

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What is Astigmatism, And Can It Be Corrected?

Close up of an eye with a imperfect curvature caused by astigmatism

In this article we outline exactly what astigmatism is and the possible treatment options for correcting it.

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SMILE vs LASIK: Which Laser Eye Surgery is Right for Me?

Patient in ophthalmology clinic having his eyes examined by eye doctor

The ultimate comparison guide to help you determine which laser surgery is right for correcting your vision, LASIK, or SMILE eye surgery.

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6 New Year’s Resolutions SMILE Vision Correction Can Help You Keep

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Learn how SMILE Laser Vision Correction has already improved the quality of life for many LaserVue patients and how this life-changing procedure could benefit you in 2021.

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When Should I See an Ophthalmologist?

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Visiting your ophthalmologist plays an important part in maintaining your overall health. But when should you see an ophthalmologist? We’ve outlined five instances when you should schedule an appointment.

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Is There an Alternative to LASIK Eye Surgery?

Ophthalmologist explaining how the eye heals from different LASIK alternative laser vision correction surgeries

If your ophthalmologist has determined you are not a candidate for LASIK, or you are interested in learning about different types of refractive surgery options, this guide is for you. Learn more about the LASIK alternatives available at LaserVue Eye Center.

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ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline

women at home sitting on couch resting after smile eye surgery

Learn more about what to expect while recovering from SMILE surgery and follow these aftercare tips for optimal vision results.

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What are the Benefits of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

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Learn about some of the life-changing benefits of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery.

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Am I a Good Candidate for SMILE if I Have Astigmatism?

close of young women's eye with astigmatism with seeing eye chart overlaid

LaserVue Eye Center offers our Bay Area patients ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery to correct refractive errors like Astigmatism.

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Understanding the cost of Laser Vision Correction

SMILE, LASIK, and glasses– comparing the total costs Consider the yearly and long-term costs of your glasses and contacts when thinking about investing in laser vision correction. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing cost, value, and investment as it relates to your vision correction and care options. This is a very important...

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Are You a SMILE Candidate?

Young woman eyes close-up looking on abstract background

Is SMILE Eye Surgery Right For You? As the latest technology in laser vision correction, SMILE is a comfortable procedure, but how do you know if it’s right for you? Do you have blurry vision or are you nearsighted? Do glasses or contact lenses inconvenience your daily life? Do you often experience dry eye symptoms?...

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LASIK and SMILE – What’s the Difference?

vision, eye surgery and security concept - eyes of senior woman with laser light

LASIK and SMILE: The Future is brighter with a new laser vision correction technology option. Whether LASIK or SMILE is the laser vision correction best suited for you, your vision for the future can be sharpened. As you know, LASIK has been helping patients for more than 25 years to see more clearly without glasses....

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Meet The Doctors at LaserVue Eye Center

staff at San Francisco LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Center LaserVue

Get to Know Our Passionate Eye Care Specialists Serving Bay Area Patients Our doctors at LaserVue Eye Center offer comprehensive eye care to patients in the Bay Area. Our offices are conveniently located in San Francisco, Mountain View, and Santa Rosa. We provide state of the art services like custom blade-free LASIK eye surgery, advanced...

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4 Common Concerns About SMILE Eye Surgery

Close up of mature women's face with green eyes

Common Questions Patients Ask About SMILE Eye Surgery At LaserVue Eye Center, we take our patients’ physical and mental comfort in mind before performing any vision corrective surgery. We understand the anxiety many patients can feel before an operation, so our experienced surgeons are here to guide you through the entire SMILE Eye procedure. Our...

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What to Avoid After SMILE Eye Surgery

woman sitting crosslegged on gray couch with mug in her hand after SMILE eye surgery

What to Expect After SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Are you scheduled to have SMILE eye surgery in the near future? Congratulations! SMILE is one of the safest and most advanced elective eye surgeries available for those suffering from myopia or astigmatism. After the short laser procedure, it is likely you will be free of glasses...

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