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SMILE and LASIK What’s the Difference?

Close-up of blue eye

How is SMILE different from LASIK The technology surrounding laser vision correction surgery has made great strides in the past years and continues to move forward at an advanced pace. Many people the world over have experienced the life-changing effects of these procedures. Recently, a new milestone has been reached. The medical technology business group,...

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Your Laser Vision Correction Options for Presbyopia

Presbyopia Options

  Are you having trouble trying to focus on objects close-up? Do you hold phones, newspapers, or books at arms-length in order to read them? Are you over the age of… (ahem) 40? Then you may be suffering from Presbyopia. (Don’t worry. Most of us will, too) What is Presbyopia? First off, most people will...

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Contact Lens Risks

Contact Lens Risks

  When worn and cared for properly, contact lenses are a very safe option for vision correction. However, failing to use and care for your contacts as directed can lead to some frightening risks. Corneal Ulcers Few things sound scarier than an ulcer on your eye. A corneal ulcer is an open sore on the...

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Presbyopia Correction: The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay

Presbyopia Correction

What is Presbyopia? Presbyopia is an age-related condition that results in gradual loss of near vision.  As we age, the lens of our eye loses elasticity and begins to harden.  This results in a lessened ability to focus on objects up close. Presbyopia most commonly begins to become noticeable in your mid to late 40’s....

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Redness In Eye After LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you experiencing redness in the eye you had LASIK surgery on? Redness due to UV rays may be indicative that you have a pinguecula or pterygium in the eye that you had LASIK surgery on.  This occurs when sunlight exposure and long-term irritation cause tissue to thicken and form usually at 3 and 9...

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Losing Clarity After Laser Vision Surgery?

Is it normal to lose clarity a week after your laser vision surgery? A decrease in vision after Lasik is not normal however, there may be several relatively benign causes of decreased vision.  The most common cause is dry eyes.  During Lasik, a flap is cut in the cornea of the eye severing some of...

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