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Cost Comparison and Payment Plans

What Does LASIK Cost?

At LaserVue, we want you to have the best possible experience from the start of your research to the day your vision is clear. That’s why we are happy to provide you with all the facts about what LASIK costs and why.

Our goal is to reach your personal best vision at a reasonable fee compared to other highly-reputable Bay area surgeons. Call 800-527-3745 to learn how to make a procedure affordable within your budget.

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LASIK Cost Comparison

How much did you spend on your cell phone bill last month?

To start off, let’s put things in perspective. Compare the one-time expense of LASIK with your monthly cell phone bill and the accruing expense of glasses/contacts over the next 20 years. Check out the chart below:

Cost Comparison Over 20 Years Cell Phone Glasses & Contacts Standard LASIK “All-Laser” Custom Wavefront LASIK
Average Cost/Year for 20 Years $600 $500 $210 $310
Average Cost/Month for 20 Years $50 $42 $18 $26
Average Total Cost after 20 Years $12,000 total $10,000 total $4,200 both eyes $6,200 both eyes

As you can see, even the most advanced form of LASIK saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Having great vision every moment of every day isn’t just priceless—it actually costs less than glasses and contacts!

Our Price Assurance Policy

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Still apprehensive about LASIK?

If you find a better price for the same LASIK technology from a reputable surgeon in our geographic area, we’ll match it! That’s because we believe price should never be the single determining factor when choosing LASIK. What’s most important is the surgeon’s expertise, the technology used and the team that supports you. Here at LaserVue, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible and that means receiving the best possible value.

What Affects the Cost
of LASIK Surgery?

Laservue strives to provide the best vision correction care possible at a fair market value. We continually monitor the cost of LASIK in the Bay Area to remain competitively priced with other reputable surgeons.

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    Advanced LASIK technology—such as Wavefront and All-Laser LASIK offered at LaserVue—costs more than standard LASIK procedures but can produce better results.

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    Proven Results

    Thousands of satisfied patients have reclaimed their vision at LaserVue Eye Center. Read some of our patient testimonials to see what the Bay Area thinks of LaserVue.

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    Patient Care

    Some surgeons are more interested in getting you in and out the door than in your recovery. At LaserVue we want every patient to recover both safely and quickly.

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    Experience is an invaluable tool in performing the safest, most effective LASIK procedures. Dr. Bansal has been performing LASIK for over two decades.

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    Surgeon Accomplishments

    Dr. Bansal has not only developed new LASIK technologies but has taught other refractive surgeons how to perform the latest techniques more. Learn more about Dr. Bansal here.

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    Quality of Work

    Although Dr. Bansal has performed many thousands of LASIK surgeries, what’s more important is the level of dedication he has for every patient. Experience comes with quantity, but quality comes from the heart.

Choose Your LASIK
Surgeon Carefully

"Discount" LASIK

“Discount LASIK”

There are many reasons to avoid a surgeon advertising $499 per eye. The most compelling reason is that this is almost always a bait and switch tactic to get you in the door. At LaserVue Eye Center, we give you the true price up front because we respect you, your time, and your choices. Your patient experience is important to us, and that’s where we want to focus.

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Unknown Surgeons

If you can’t find much information about a surgeon online, be very wary. You should be able to find medical education, history, patient testimonials, and more. A laser eye center should never try to hide its surgeons. Unfortunately, these facilities often offer discount surgeries in an attempt to boost their surgery volume at the expense of putting the patient first.

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If you have doubts or reservations about getting LASIK performed by a particular surgeon, don’t do it! LASIK is a surgery like any other and you should never settle for anything but the best. LASIK is an investment to be considered thoroughly and handled with care. Your health and safety are the primary concern—never leave them in inexperienced hands.

Affordable Payment Options

At LaserVue Eye Center, we strive to make LASIK and laser vision correction affordable for any budget. As a service to our Bay Area patients, we are pleased to offer financing options through CareCredit.

The CareCredit Credit Card Program

  • Quick online application and bill payment
  • Monthly statements
  • Special financing with 24 months to pay for your procedure*

CareCredit – San Francisco

CareCredit – Santa Rosa

*Not all patients qualify for this offer.


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