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So you’re considering taking the first step towards visual freedom?  Excellent!

We, at LaserVue, want to ensure you are given the best and safest care possible, so in addition to running our standard tests, we also include an Avellino DNA test for LASIK Safety, the latest advancement in genetic testing for eye care. The test provides safe, painless, and accurate protection of your vision. We provide this test at no charge to you.

While no other LASIK clinic in the area presently offers this test, we are committed to working at the cutting edge of safety and personalized medicine, so we are screening our patients for additional genetic traits that are contraindicative to LASIK procedures. While these traits are highly unusual, we want to be absolutely sure you are a good candidate before going forward.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the DNA test work?

This testing process is very simple.  The clinic uses a buccal swab (which somewhat resembles a normal cotton swab) on the inside of both cheeks, sends the swab to the test lab, and doctor then receives the test results within 24 hours.

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Do I need Avellino DNA Testing?

If you are considering refractive surgery (LASIK, LASEK, PRK), you should definitely be tested. The Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety will eliminate the risk of developing GCD after refractive surgery.

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How reliable is the test?

The Avellino DNA Test has been proven to be 100% accurate in clinical trials. If tested, you can have high confidence before you have surgery that you are not at risk of post-LASIK GCD complications.

What is Granular Corneal Dystrophy?

General Corneal Dystrophy (GCD) types 1 and 2 are caused by a genetic mutation.

When the typical person’s cornea is damaged (e.g. by a UV light sunburn), the production of wound healing protein to the cornea is triggered. People with the genetic mutation will produce surplus protein production which builds up over time and causes gray/white spots on the cornea. The disease usually develops slowly. Speed of development varies according to an individual’s age, genetics and environmental exposures. It is not recommended that people with GDC get LASIK, as it can exacerbate the condition.

According to Avellino test results, the GCD2 genetic mutation is present in approximately 1 out of every 1,100 people. Avellino Labs is the first and only lab in the world performing commercial genetic testing for LASIK Safety. We have chosen to work with Avellino as we strongly believe in using predictive and preventative technology to provide personalized medical information that improves the quality of our patients’ health and life decisions.

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Please don’t hesitate to email or call us if you would like to learn more about this test or wish to learn more about other safety procedures or approaches we use at LaserVue.

Our primary concern will always be the experience of our patients, and that means keeping you safe. We take every precaution to ensure your safety before, during, and after your time at LaserVue.

You can reach us at 1-800-527-3745 or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.
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Dr. Jay Bansal, Ophthalmologist with LASIK Technology and Patient

About Avellino Lab USA

Avellino Lab USA developed the first and only commercially available testing system, the Avellino DNA Test for LASIK Safety, for granular corneal dystrophy type 1 (GCD1) and granular corneal dystrophy type 2 (GCD2), also known as Avellino corneal dystrophy (ACD).

The company’s proprietary genetic diagnostics system provides fast, safe and affordable evaluations of an individual’s genetic predisposition to having the GCD1 and / or GCD2 gene mutation. With the Avellino DNA Test, Avellino Lab USA is able to positively identify, with high accuracy, a patient’s GCD status. Based on the test’s results, patients and their physician can make an informed decision when considering vision correction surgery.

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