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At LaserVue Eye Center, your safety is our first priority. Our team of dedicated laser eye surgeons and specialized staff are committed to both your safety and your results. We believe that not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. When it comes to your eyes, being discriminating is appropriate. Only careful examination of your eyes and your individual needs will determine whether LASIK is right for you. We welcome your questions and concerns about laser vision correction. Some additional LaserVue safety precautions are listed below for your knowledge and comfort.

  • We use state-of-the art diagnostic equipment including Wavefront technology for custom vision correction.
  • We take corneal measurements (three-dimensional corneal topography and corneal thickness) to identify irregularities that may eliminate patients as candidates for laser vision correction.
  • We take pupil measurements to assess risk for glare and halos.
  • We use Visx Star S4 IR & Allegretto Wave excimer lasers with eye tracking/auto-centering versus manually in most other laser systems.
  • We use IntraLase® femtosecond laser for bladeless flap creation in performing step one of LASIK. We believe this is the safest and most accurate technology for corneal flap creation available today.
  • Our lasers are maintained and serviced exclusively by the original manufacturers to FDA-approved specifications.
  • We check laser fluence prior to treatment of each patient.
  • Our staff and suite is dedicated to laser vision correction procedures.
  • We use an uninterruptible power backup.
  • We have a sterile surgical protocol.
  • Our patients are sterile-prepped prior to surgery and treated with antibiotic eye drops preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively to reduce any potential for infection.
  • We take the time to educate you on the risks and benefits of LASIK surgery, alternate treatment options, and to answer your questions.
  • We reject patients who we determine to be poor candidates for LASIK surgery.
  • We are very proud of our surgical protocol, surgical techniques, and state-of-the-art technology. Most importantly, we are proud of our surgical results and our patient satisfaction!


If you wear contacts and are considering LASIK but have not yet joined over one million people who have LASIK each year, you may be interested to learn that contacts may not be the safest choice for correcting your vision.

A study reported in the October 2006 journal Archives of Ophthalmology looked at the safety of contact lenses when compared to LASIK and the findings were astounding. The author, William Mathers, MD, who specializes in treating serious eye infection, estimates that over time the risk of significant vision loss is five times higher with contact lenses (due to infection) than with laser vision correction. What’s more, according to the study author, the risk with contact lenses “remain(s) even when the wearer does everything right.”

Although both options are safe and risks are small, we invite you to come in for a free consultation to discuss the best option for your vision.

*Not all patients are candidates for LASIK. Candidacy must be determined by a medical professional. Risks, side-effects, and realistic expectations will be discussed during your exam prior to surgery. Individual results do vary.

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