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Blurry Vision SimulationEye Care for Children

What Every Parent Needs to Know: Does your child (boy or girl) squint or close one eye? Have headaches, nausea or dizziness? Is he or she rather clumsy? It may simply be poor vision. And since most of what your child learns at school is presented visually, good vision means good grades. A routine child eye exam can check for nearsightedness/farsightedness, astigmatism (an irregularly shaped lens or cornea that causes blurred vision) or a lazy eye, which, if left untreated, can cause permanent vision loss. You’ll also want to have a sports vision test. This test may help your child improve his or her eye-hand coordination, depth perception, eye-tracking ability and other skills.

Pediatric Ophthalmology at LaserVue Eye Center in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Jose offers your child the best care possible. Development of the visual system occurs from birth through the first decade of life. Several conditions such as misalignment of the eyes (strabismus), and significant refractive errors can interfere with visual development. Some conditions have no symptoms and can only be detected through a complete eye examination.

Treatment of childhood eye diseases is most successful at early ages and may include glasses, patching, eye drops, or even surgery. An examination can be performed at any age if a problem is suspected.

Diagnosing eye problems in children is not an easy task. Even parents, who are familiar with their child’s behavior and developmental skills, can miss the subtle signs of eye problems. Because early detection of eye problems can make a critical difference in a child’s vision and also impact their learning and development, it is important that children who are suspected to have a sight problem are getting children’s vision care by a board certified ophthalmologist in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Jose.

At LaserVue Eye Center in Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Jose we provide Pediatric Eye Care for children of all ages. Please call 1.800.527.3745 to schedule your appointment today at one of our laser eye surgery San Jose, Walnut Creek, San Francisco or Santa offices.

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